This is where you find out all about who and what The Spiritual Ninja is.  The fact that you are reading this, only means that you are already on the path to becoming a spiritual ninja yourself.  To that I give you a peaceful, silent, and welcoming bow.  I trust we will soon become comrades in this adventure for freedom from the ego-mind self.  So,  Let us begin here…

The Spiritual Ninja is a covert agent specializing in unorthodox arts of life.  Highly skilled at maintaining an inner calm and awareness through all of life’s experiences, the Spiritual Ninja understands  the connectivity and perfection of the universe and acts according to the laws of creation.

The Spiritual Ninja navigates through life with the skill, grace and discipline of a ninja while a vast depth and ultimate understanding of the spiritual universe is the basis of all actions.  To the general public, Spiritual Ninjas go quite unnoticed and appear almost invisible.  The energy that radiates from a Spiritual Ninja is all that sets him/her apart from the mundane life experience.  We walk among you, playing the role of your family, friends, lovers, neighbors, co-workers and teachers.  We guide, energize, protect, nurture and can kick some serious ass when necessary.  If you are true in heart, you’ve got some serious allies.  If not, we’re your worst enemy.

Welcome to the tribe.


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